Water heaters are essential to living a modern, comfortable life. Every time you want hot water in the kitchen for cleaning, for use in an appliance, or when you’re taking a luxurious shower or bath after a long day at work, having a dependable source of hot water is key. For years, All Plumbing, Inc in Arlington, VA, has provided our customers with the best residential water heater services in the area. Whether you need servicing and repairs on an existing model or are ready to replace your old water heater with a next-generation tankless option, we have everything you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help take your hot water to the next level.

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All Plumbing offers repair and replacement of traditional tank water heaters, as well as state-of-the-art tankless water heaters from Rinnai and A.O. Smith. Not sure what kind of water heater is right for your home? We’re here to help!

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Not all water heaters are created equal, and in today’s market, there are two main types of water heaters that each have distinctive features. Traditional tank water heaters keep a certain amount of water hot at all times. These units are less energy-efficient and are the traditional form of water heaters. When the hot water levels reach below a certain point, more water is pumped into the unit and then heated. Tankless water heaters rapidly heat water on demand, so you never run out of hot water. Brand new tankless models are up to 22% more energy-efficient, according to studies from Consumer Reports. Tankless water heaters are more expensive and have greater startup costs, while in the long term they will save you energy and money.


Whether you are needing repairs on an existing water heater or are looking for a brand-new installation, All Plumbing, Inc is standing by to help. We can help install a wide range of different water heaters, including the latest tankless models by Rinnai and A.O. Smith. We take immense pride in helping our customers get the perfect water heater experience for their property. We know how important it is to get a steady stream of hot water.


From start to finish, working with All Plumbing, Inc is a seamless process. If you need an old water heater removed to make room for a new model we are installing, we can easily help remove your old water heater from your property. We do a full installation and a series of tests to ensure your new water heater is functioning properly. For all repairs, we do a full diagnostic assessment prior to doing any work to ensure we find out exactly what needs to be done.


Time to upgrade to a tankless water heater? If you are in the midst of doing other home renovations, replacing your water heater will help enhance day-to-day life inside your home. The energy efficiency and ease of use of the new tankless models ensure you and your family’s showering and bath times are always cozy and warm. Ensuring your home has hot water on demand is our number 1 priority here at All Plumbing, Inc in Arlington, VA.

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